recruitingSelling is an art form that requires multiple attempts at presenting the product or service before most people will make the purchase. In addition, recruiting business partners requires a similar approach to be successful. Mastering the art of recruiting is a skill that is essential for growing and expanding your business.

Here are 10 easy steps you can take to improve your overall recruiting efforts. Keep in mind that overnight success rarely occurs, but the slower, steadier application of the steps you choose will bring in the results that you desire.

Be One Thing

Those who try to be everything to everyone wind up being nothing. So, focus your efforts on delivering a powerful message that is singular and consistent. By being focused on one thing, your business will come across as more relatable. This will help you garner better lead generation so that potential customers and business partners will be more observant of what your company does today and in the future.

Blog or Website

In today’s digital age, the blog remains one of the best tools for more recruiting thanks to being the internet door front to your business. By optimizing your blog with proper search engine optimization (SEO), effective content marketing, and an easy to navigate layout, visitors will become more engaged in the information that is provided. Plus, potential business partners will see the advantages your company offers when it comes to the services that are present.


Highly effective when it comes to more recruiting, especially in the B2B field because you can include more technical aspects. eBooks provide you with a simple method of reaching out to potential customers and business partners because they contain good, valuable information. Remember that you are not trying to sell your products or services. Instead, you are establishing yourself as an authority in the field where the information provided is helpful to consumers and those in the business.


The old-fashioned networking events such as trade shows and the like are still a mainstay of marketing and for good reason. It presents one of the few face-to-face opportunities to meet potentially new business partners in a neutral place. Be sure to have your business cards complete with email and web addresses so that you can stay in contact. For recruiting purposes, you can build up your brand at these events. Plus, you should also consider events that may not be in your industry, but may have some connections as you can find excellent leads and contacts.


It’s amazing to think that the old-fashioned newsletter has been transformed in the digital age as one of the best lead generation tools in the business. Your newsletter should be free, informative, and only lightly dabble in sales such as providing a discount or perhaps information on a new or existing product. In any event, the newsletter remains a potent tool for recruiting.

Social Media

Although social media is a very powerful tool for recruiting, keep in mind that its potential lies in keeping in contact with existing customers and using them to spread the word about your company. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are excellent places to post new material so that it can be seen and spread through the community. LinkedIn is an excellent resource to do more recruiting with potential business partners.

Special Events

Creating a single, special event in your community can do wonders in helping you generate leads and do more recruiting of business partners. This is particularly true if the event is in support of a worthy cause that can bring people in of different backgrounds. Supporting a 5K run that helps a cause can help you reach out to your community in a very positive manner.

Traditional Media

Television, newspaper, and radio station journalists are always looking for a good story. However, they are often bombarded by press releases that they hardly have time to read. Instead, you can offer them a direct story about your business, where you see success in your industry, or providing them with a newsworthy subject that they can cover with you as the expert. This means creating an effective pitch that provides them with plenty of information that will act as a great recruiting tool for your business.


It seems that everyone is talking about video and for good reason. Creating a good video that combines information with good entertainment can engage potential customers. It needs to be well produced, informative, and provide a great angle that can hook the viewer to the end. Many businesses use humor as the hook and it’s the best when well employed. For your lead generation, a single video going viral can potentially bring in a monstrous audience.


The webinar might be considered an online event that you host which can potentially bring in a considerable number of leads for a very low cost. This is particularly true if you host a webinar on a regular basis to discuss subjects in your industry. In addition, you can tie in other efforts such as your newsletter and social media to inform people about your webinars and eBooks where you can use part of the information available as the subject.

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