lead generationEffective lead generation has many different techniques, but only four pillars that you need to follow for success. Garnering good leads is one of the most important keys to being successful in business. This applies to both gaining customers and finding new business partners that provide what’s needed to grow your business.

Here are the four pillars of lead generation that you need to incorporation in your efforts to expand your business. Each pillar is simple in concept, but they all require the right effort and persistence to succeed.

Solve a Unique Problem

One of the most effective, solving an issue that potential customers might be facing is a very attractive means of pulling in leads. Here, you are providing information that people can use to solve a specific problem that in turn pulls them into your sales and marketing efforts. In many cases, the solution is presented in a free information packet that the customer can obtain by signing up for a newsletter with their email address or some other method of contact.

You provide the solution for free and in return you will get to contact them further with more information that is designed to turn them from interested parties into customers. It’s important that you limit the sales pitch until after the lead has been created. You are trying to gain their trust by providing good, solid information that they can use with no strings attached apart from agreeing to accept your newsletter.

You will need to make sure that your information addresses an issue that is unique and related to your company or at least your industry. The leads you generate should be those with a general interest in what you do. In this manner, you can repeat your efforts with a newsletter, social medial post, or other type of contact that will help you in turning them into customers.

Show a Big Promise

This is providing a potential customer with a hint that the information you provide is something that will mean a considerable amount to their future. People are attracted to the idea of getting something substantial for a small effort, even if it is just accepting your newsletter or post. This is because people are looking to improve their lives with the information you provide that leads to sales for your company when you deliver.

In some ways, the big promise is counter intuitive to what many business-people think at first because it stretches the boundaries of expectations. But that is why it works because so many people are looking for something that provides them with a large benefit, even if it does stretch the imagination. The big promise of course can only work if it is followed by the big delivery. So, make sure that what you promise can be achieved. Otherwise, you may be looking at a big setback when people talk about how it didn’t live up to the promise.

Provide Instant Gratification

Another powerful aspect of getting leads using this pillar is that instant gratification creates a positive feeling that lasts well beyond what is initially provided. Whatever information that you originally provided in your lead generating material offers an instant gratification for the recipient that hits an emotional response.

An emotional response is important because most customers will make their purchase based on emotions, not logic. You can certainly appeal to their logic, but the feeling of instant gratification is something that resonates and makes it easier for them to become customers. Therefore, in your lead generation efforts you will need to provide something that causes instant gratification. This will help pave the way for your leads to succeed.

Create Value

This is the part that pulls together the problem solving, providing a big promise, and generating instant gratification that makes getting leads even better. What you provide in getting leads should have recognizable value that the potential customer will recognize. This creates the sense in the customer that the information you provided was a real bargain. That this was something you could have sold to make money, yet you instead provided to them for free.

Creating value is important because customers expect value in what they will eventually purchase. By offering something in your leads that create a sense of real value, they will carry that same expectation when looking over the products or services that you provide. This is a real benefit to you as raising expectations means a better chance of earning a sale.

Use all 4 Pillars

You will need to emphasize all four pillars when getting leads. You must start by doing some research in your niche or industry and finding a unique problem that needs a solution. When you have found something that qualifies, you will then need to package it with a promise big enough that it captures the attention of a potential customer. The big promise is something that is very effective when it comes to lead generation efforts.

In shaping your lead, you must provide some type of instant gratification. This can be in the message or information that you provide which garners a positive emotional reaction. It does not have to be large. In fact, it can be small, but significant. Think of the gratification as finding a mint on your pillow when checking into a hotel room.

Finally, what you offer must be of real value so that it is appreciated and remembered. This makes the follow-up stage of getting leads easier to do since the potential customer is already being prepared. Remember, the more you can provide in your leads that follow the four pillars of success, the easier it will be for them to make the transition from leads to customers.

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