brandingThe world of business is turning increasingly fierce with competition. The market is full of products competing for the top spot. It is extremely important to have a clear identity for your personal or business brand to set yourself apart from this chaos.

Branding strategies are no longer limited to big corporate brands. The online medium has given a huge boost to the concept of personal and business branding.

A magnetic brand identity is the first step towards setting yourself apart from the crowd of competitors. You have to understand what constitutes a dynamic brand identity.

Characteristics of Successful Brand Identity

  • Uniqueness- A successful brand identity is unique. It has an individual makeup of look, message and feel for the target audiences.
  • Repetitive Impressions – repeating messages is critical to imprinting your brand identity on your target audiences’ minds. A successful brand identity has the brand message repeated within all its marketing assets.
  • Consistency – The logo, tagline, messages and even tone of the brand should remain consistent to allow people to gradually identify with the structure of your brand.
  • Unforgettable- the impression you create through your brand identity should become your trademark. People should find it memorable. It can be the entire identity or even some elements like the logo, a jingle, some ad or a blog. The point is to develop a memorable structure for your prospective clients.
  • Clarity – the message from your brand should always be precise and clear. Confusing tones, design, colors or messages all have a jarring effect on your brand identity.
  • Honest Engagement – clients need to find your brand identity to be a reliable option for their solutions in your niche. If you make any brand promises, make sure to fulfill them. If you have a message or principle that is a core part of your identity, your clients should depend on you to live by it.
  • Dynamic Personality – every brand has a unique personality. Whether it is your personal or business brand, developing a brand personality is another engaging tool for your brand identity.
  • Professionalism Even in Personal Brands – whether you are creating a personal or business brand, professionalism is expected and admired in a brand identity. This includes putting your clients’ time and desires at the top of all interactions.

Top Strategies to Create a Stand Apart Brand Identity

Creating a brand identity is all about promoting your brand. It is important that your strategies be handpicked to associate your audiences to your way of thinking. The strategies should work to create a brand identity that is miles apart from any other competitor on the same niche.  You can employ the following strategies to align your perspective to this kind of out of the box thinking.

  • Core Creative Ideas – start by noting the Unique Selling Proposition of your product, mission for your brand, vision for your brand, comparative analysis of the leading competitors in your niche and develop a corporate philosophy. Use these details to create messages and promotional content that can be displayed on multiple media platforms including conventional and digital media.
  • Associating Your Brand with Current Events – organizing a current event or simply associating with one can get your brand amazing exposure. It helps your target audiences associate your brand with the pulse and theme of the event. Choose events that have a dynamic correlation with your brand’s main purpose to engage with like-minded audiences.
  • Offer Free Product to Promote Your Brand Message – free product sells more products than any other promotional campaign. Offering freebies is a great way for people to try your brand as their solution. It is a great way to attract more prospective buyers. It is a great way to get your audience to depend on your brand for their solutions. It is also a great way to ingratiate yourself with your audiences as a generous and helpful brand in your niche. However, make sure the freebies are associated with your core brand story.
  • Engage with Crowds – to understand your ideal customer zone within the millions of audiences, you have to engage with a large crowd at any given time. Marketing campaigns that engage with crowds have to be well planned and structured. It also requires substantial management so you can only organize a few at a time. So take the time to find the right kind of crowd engagement idea for you. One of the most popular campaigns for business brands today is sponsoring a contest to enthuse crowds of people to vote or participate. This helps target audiences engage with the brand and also with other satisfied clients who can be quite resourceful in acting as your word of mouth promotional mediums.

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